Circuit Training, Doggy Style: Made Possible by the Flirt Pole

Hectic schedules make it a little hairy to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise. And, as stated in my previous post, dog fitness is something owners should pay attention to. Well: there exists a magic little dog toy that packs in a strenuous work out in not much time. Like, a power wand for a Barry’s Bootcamp for the four-legged. It’s not just something we humans need anymore!

Introducing the flirt pole. It looks like a cat toy mixed with a whip, but it gets your pup’s heart rate up quickly while challenging them physically and mentally. The pole teaches self control with fetch and tug. Giving your dog the flirt pole workout requires minimal space, so it’s perfect for cramped Manhattan apartments.



Track Your Pup’s Work Outs With Whistle

Sorry news for lazy pups out there: owners can now track their dog’s fitness. It’s old news that we can record our own movements and fitness levels with numerous apps and a Nike bracelet. Why not let your dog in on the fitness craze as well? They could use exercise too!


Inside Furry Minds: The Life of a Pet Psychic


On a Sunday spring evening in her Jersey City house, Catherine Ferguson peers through her black rectangular glasses at Zoe, a 7-year-old Havanese dog, and is silent. There’s a significant pause. “I’m making a connection with her now,” she says. She then twirls a sort of pendulum over her hand. “I’m sensing her vibrations,” Ferguson says. “I feel that she’s sending out these waves that feel spiritual and that any living being around her would pick up, even plants, and feel this sense of calmness, not just calm but a spiritual calm. It feels very sweet as well.” This is quite accurate about Zoe’s demeanor. Zoe sits, wags her tail.

Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear: Dog Fashion


Beachy times are almost upon us. While I’m sure all of us New Yorkers have swapped our clunky, sweatery wardrobes for lighter wear, I’m not so sure pet owners have done the same for their dogs. With temperatures climbing into the 70s, dogs can ditch their footwear and go barefoot. No more sweaters are needed. But perhaps owners (and maybe their dogs too!) still want some pizzazz on their furry pal. That’s ok—beach and summer wear exists for dogs too. Here’s what and where.

About Time to Let the Dogs Out

It’s that time of the year (I hope…I pray) where the heavy coats and snow boots are stowed. It shouldn’t snow anymore and the mighty polar vortexes are over. This past weekend, being outside didn’t invoke the threat of hypothermia (for once). It is officially spring, and even though it’s had a slow start, it seems to be creeping in to stay. Dog owners of the city, you know what that means: time for outdoor dining to commence, and the pups are invited. Because it’s New York City and here there are specialty restaurants for dogs to dine too.